Monday, October 7


Convocation ceremony was finally over.
Moments yg semua orang x sabar2 nak tunggu selama ni..
Event last as official USM student…sekarang dah entitled as EX-student
Bila dah x jadi student ni…terasa macam x berapa nak muda la pulak..!  xD
-snip snap here n there-
Untuk kali ni…terima kasih Tuhan…n terima kasih kalian..  J
maaf su..,choc kau masuk perut dulu b4 sesi bgambar..  =D
Trillion of thanks to softballerz usm yg menceriakan majlis…
dah macam retis penat bergambar sanasini…haha
Amiaq, saniaq, maula yg x semena2 muncul…Dr.Naim datang dgn bunga yg harum semerbak..diteman dayang2 senandung si nadir n iwe..haha…
Diserikan pulak dgn gegurlz2 hotsetapp si syida, faizzah, najwa, melin..n kakak kesayangan..kak lina..  :)
Dan jugak…Thanks gila2 punya banyak kat alin baijan sebab teman aku merempat sana sini kat usm tu...siap bagi kek coklat yg super lazatttt!!  dapat gak merasa air tgn kau kan? ^_^

softballerzzzzzz dulu kini dan selamanya sama gila n gila2...  :)
Datangnya si encik kazen jadi wakil family…dah buat cukup hepy..
Macehhh datang….macehh juga bagi bunga besarrrr…keje kosong xde ke bro? =D
N ofcoz..unlimited thanx to cliffordian yg wujud kat usm tu, soleh n sue yg sudi jd peneman setia ke sana sini…berpeluh x jadi miss photog?hehe
Siap berguling bertiduran sama-sama…teringat zaman duduk asrama kan?hihi

berkonvo dgn skulmate adalah 1 impian...n i got it diz year.. :)
dpt jugak jumpa si adik junior..
Moments yg paling x disangka..time kat LRT kat plaza rakyat..ada sorang pakcik yg cari makan kat kaki jalan tu wish “tahniah…….congratulation..!!” dgn muka yg sangat berseri2..
Mesti sebab tengok aku berjalan dengan bunga2 n bebear… terima kasih pakcik..  J

dgn mereka yg aku rindu nk menggila sama2 lagi..
terima kasih sbb still sama mcm dulu...even x dpt lepak lama2 n borak sampai xde cerita...
congrats kalian mana yg dah keje..
gud luck in ur future..  :D

p/s: convo tanpa family sgt terasa kosongnya.  J…kena konvo lagi sekali ke cemana?

Sunday, September 15

SKINNY yet u are FATTY….!

Ever concerned bout ur BMI? Body fat %?
What we only care about is our body weight right?
Is it enough just care on the appearance?
Many of us wanna have model’s body figure..
Yet, they forgot the real meaning of healthy body~

Body Mass Index (BMI)
--> measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women. 
used to indicate if you are overweight, obese, underweight or normal.
more info? click ME...!
#Factit doesn't take into account a person's body fat percentage. 
A very fit and muscular person could find him or herself classified as overweight which would be inaccurate (remember, muscle weighs more than fat by volume).

Waist to Hip Ratio (WHR)
--> helps you determine your overall health risk.
let's try HERE  :)
#FactPeople with a high ratio are said to have an apple shaped body (more fat around the middle, thus appearing a bit rounder overall).
those with a lower ratio have a pear shaped body (slightly more bottom-heavy). 
Apples shape tend to have a higher risk of developing high blood pressure, type II diabetes, and high cholesterol.

Body Fat Percentage
--> The percentage of fat your body contains.
For understanding please read HERE
what is yours? calculate it HERE or HERE

good luck!!!  ^_^

Sunday, August 11

away from 1 sided affair..!

some info taken from wikiHow :-

Have a crush on someone? someone whom you thought liked you back when in fact he couldn't care less? chillex dear...the world isn't going to end just because he doesn't feel the same way like you do.

1. Be strong and think

So what if he doesn't like me? He is not the only guy in the world. Remember this, he is not one in a million, but rather just one out of a million. 

2. Ask yourself a few questions that can strengthen your resolve to forget him:

  • Why should I waste my time on someone who doesn't care and isn't willing to spend his time on me?
  • Why should I waste my emotions on someone who doesn't reciprocate?
  • Why should I put myself through such arduous torture of missing him, thinking about him, caring about him, loving him and gain nothing of that sort in return?
3. If you have resolved to forget about him and move on, stick with it. 
Do not hesitate and try to think of different excuses for you not to move on.

4. If you are in the situation where you think he might have liked you, and then you realized he really wasn't interested, it's OK
Just move on and please do not harp on any past 'experiences' that has made you think that he likes you. Do not give yourself the opportunity to think that you might still have a chance. If there is really something between the two of you, don't you think something might have already happened? Why wait till the time when you finally realized that it isn't mutual?

5. Do something that can take your mind off him, or this one sided relationship
Even if it's just that little while. Do not lie in bed, cuddling underneath your blankets and listen to depressing songs. Nope, that isn't going to help but make you feel worse because all you're going to think about is him, him and still him! Go for a jog, walk your dogs, clean your room, cook something, bake, anything!

6. Think of his negative side
Think of that side of him that isn't favourable. Yes, you might say that you love him so much that you love his negative sides altogether. Girl, that isn't going to help. What you are trying to do now is to forget about him and to diminish all those romantic feelings you have for him.
  • Delete his number and old texts messages.
  • Cry if you need to, scream into a pillow, write an angry letter then burn it. Let it out.
  • Share your feeling with your friends or anyone you trust.
  • Do not try to text him back.
  • Spend more time with your friends or family. The more you spend with them the easier it is to fill all the sadness in your heart and replace it with happiness.
  • Always be doing something, keep yourself busy, because even the slightest of spare time can have your mind running back to him.
  • Think about the fact that you will find that one special guy later on in life. Sometimes, women/girls think that because their temporary crush doesn't want them, they will be forever alone. Move on! Start looking for guys that are the opposite of your crush and talk to them.
  • Remember that he may like other people and your just wasting your time caring about him. But there's Always someone who likes you and you just don't notice them.
  • Everyone has faults, so find his and dwell on them. It will make you realize that he's not as good as you thought he was.
  • Don't spend more time around him than you have to, this will make it easier.
  • Stay positive because your never alone when you have great friends to support you :).
  • Don't block him on Facebook or Twitter. He will be able to see how happy you are and that you are strong enough to get through the pain he caused you.
  • Realize that anyone around you could be just as amazing as you thought he was! Keep an open mind and meet new people!
  • Every time you see him focus on something you don't like about him.
  • Eat some ice cream and talk to your best friend about all your problems but ask if they mind first!!
  • Ignore him. Forgive and forget.
  • Please do not harm yourself in any way just because you've fallen out of 'love'. One-sided sided love isn't love.
#should be a good guidelines if u happens to encounter this problem.  :)

Wednesday, July 31


selamat hari pahlawan.
pejuang bangsa...pejuang negara...pejuang agama.
mohon ketelusan jiwa dan etika menjadi paksi kerja.
menjunjung amanah sang pencipta.

sambutan tahun ni berkisar tentang kisah pencerobohan lahad datu.

Wahai Isteriku, 
maafkan abang seandainya abang tersalah cakap mahupun terkasar perbuatan..
jagalah dan didiklah anak-anak kita menjadi orang yang berguna.. 

Wahai anak-anakku, 
maafkan ayah kerana acapkali ayah tiada 
disaat anak-anak ayah memerlukan kasih sayang seorang ayah.. 

Wahai mak & abah, 
ampunkan anakmu dari hujung rambut hingga hujung kaki, 
sesungguhnya mak & abah telah mendidik aku menjadi insan yang berguna pada negara..

Wahai Ibu & Ayah Mertuaku, 
maafkan anakanda kerana memilih kerjaya 
yang memungkinkan anak ibu & ayah menjadi balu sebelum usia.. 

Oh Malaysiaku, 
maafkan aku andai aku gugur di medan perang. 
Demi Allah aku telah berusaha sedaya upaya..

# the last teary words from the VAT69.
# may ALLAH bless our country.

Monday, July 8

tammat sudah..!

hardbound thesis~  ^_^
satu ketika dulu....perkataan F.Y.P ni macam nightmare je nak dengar or sebut hari2...
datang campus pun sebulan awal takut x sempat siap projek.

start je FYP...terkial-kial tunggang terbalik lab nak siapkan kerja..
stress bila kena buat kerja kat lab sorang2..
Selama ni kalau time praktikal..x pernah nya nak gigih buat experiment..
Pantang banyak set experiment kena buat...mula la satu class bersatu padu tetiba..
Pakat2 bahagi semua experiment yg ada...sharing caring result pulak lepas tu…
gelap sungguh masa depan dapat bakal2 scientist yg AWESOME macam kami ni..!!haha
hari2,...macam2 benda baru belajar...
instruments canggih2 kat lab tu semua boleh hands on...
kalau dulu boleh tengok pegawai sains je la yg buat demo..

n now...all the hardships were finally ended..
its gonna be the great memories to be reminded of..
it's how i learned to be the be stronger...
thankssssssssssss a lot kepada semua yg terlibat secara direct ataupun paksa rela sepanjang aku buat fyp ni.
n of dear supervisor, Dr.T la yg paling penat layan student yg serba x tahu mcm aku ni.
sorry Dr...jasamu dikenang sampai akhir hayat~
may ALLAH bless u.  ^_^

#end of 1 journey lead to another beginning.

Friday, July 5

so long and goodbye ~

-so long goodbye-

time passes by, direction unknown
You've left us now, but we're not alone
Before you know it your cup's overflown
You measured no one that I've ever known

* And it's quite alright
And goodbye for now
Just look up to the stars
And believe who you are
'Cause it's quite alright
And so long, goodbye

We always knew that it'd come to this
It's times like these I forget what I miss
Matters of heart are hard to address
Especially when yours is full of emptiness

repeat *

Well, Time passes by, direction unknown
You've left us now, but we're not alone
Before you know it your cup's overflown
Well, You measured no one that I've ever known

repeat *

Monday, July 1

lucky me.

im not good...nor a perfect person.
i do mistakes all the time.
but still, i have a lot of silly friends
they stay with me for what i am.

thanks for always be here and there for me.  :)

# I'm definitely a good person with too many defects.

Sunday, June 23

healthy platter!

-ur health is ur real wealth-

Focus TimeWhen we closely focus on tasks in a goal-oriented way, we take on challenges that make deep connections in the brain.
Play TimeWhen we allow ourselves to be spontaneous or creative, playfully enjoying novel experiences, we help make new connections in the brain.
Connecting TimeWhen we connect with other people, ideally in person, and when we take time to appreciate our connection to the natural world around us, we activate and reinforce the brain's relational circuitry.
Physical TimeWhen we move our bodies, aerobically if medically possible, we strengthen the brain in many ways.
Time InWhen we quietly reflect internally, focusing on sensations, images, feelings and thoughts, we help to better integrate the brain.
Down TimeWhen we are non-focused, without any specific goal, and let our mind wander or simply relax, we help the brain recharge.
Sleep TimeWhen we give the brain the rest it needs, we consolidate learning and recover from the experiences of the day.

Friday, June 14

Life poem.

TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood, 
And sorry I could not travel both 
And be one traveler, long I stood 
And looked down one as far as I could 
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair, 
And having perhaps the better claim, 
Because it was grassy and wanted wear; 
Though as for that the passing there 
Had worn them really about the same,
And both that morning equally lay 
In leaves no step had trodden black. 
Oh, I kept the first for another day! 
Yet knowing how way leads on to way, 
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh 
Somewhere ages and ages hence: 
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— 
I took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference.

-Robert Frost-

#favourite poem since im in school. :)

Friday, June 7

wonder boy! =)

happened to watch a korean movie - "attack on the pin up boy"
there is a song with quite catchy lyrics at the end of the movie.. motivated..!haha

by- suju

You can choose your future
The concept of your life
I'm doing well, I'm a fine person.
Trust yourself. Look into the mirror
With the light glimmering around
You as you smile

There could be a sad memories that make you cry
Don't forget that you have a shoulder to lean on in this world
I have the whole world in my heart... 
Lets keep running. For tomorrow, for our future
To become a shining light under the sun
I'm Wonder Boy! Yeah! 

He always has a secret but it's
Easy to find the answers dance with me.
Just move your body to the music.
Don't be afraid, Girl
You don't have to fear
Anything except fear itself

There could be a sad memories that make you cry
I'm the one who'll start and end it.
Let there be light and become a shining star
The sun is welcoming me with rays of light... 
I just need one umbrella and that'll be fine
Don't hide your tears from me. Yeah! 
You can lean on my shoulder and cry out loud
Looking at the crimson red sun setting in the sky... 

It's a spectacle that the heavens have given me
There's no end. A bright future lies ahead of you
The sun bathes me with it's warm light under the blue sky
I just need one umbrella and that'll be fine
To become a shining light under the sun

Lalala, lalalalala, lalalala, 
Lalalala, lalalalala, lalalalala

The sun is welcoming me with rays of light... 
I just need one umbrella
And that'll be fine
I'm Wonder Boy! Yeah! 

Wednesday, June 5

memories to be.

-:: things happen today is just a memory for tomorrow ::-

people says~
hmmm...definitely agreed...!

done some stupid things doesn't make u a stupid person..
it's just a compilation of sanity in life.. :)
no matter what happened..
this "stupid" u gonna be the best thing to be laugh someday.

dear friends..
let's use these remaining days we have here to do a lots of stupid thing.
im gonna cherish the moments we r together for forever.
then, when we get old..
let's meet up someday...somewhere...
together with our BIG family..
there, we gonna having an endless chitchat  bout our old days.
but, be sure everybody still tak nyanyuk...!haha

# special or not, just do something memorable and be happy. 
It is in our hand to make it special or just another plain day. #

Monday, June 3

Ni Bu Zhi Dao De Shi.

Wang Lee Hom

How many times does a butterfly blink
Before it learns to fly?
The sky is sprinkled over with countless stars
But how many there will remain? 
Even as I fly, you fall
So close I can hear you breathe
So sorry I didn’t keep hold of you
You don’t know why I had to leave you 
How could I ignore your every cry
All the while the downpour of your tears shattering the ground
So clearly pierced my heart
You don’t know why I had to keep away
Circling in the sky above, just out of sight
So many are the things you never knew

Saturday, June 1

stepping forwards.

Dear girlfriend~

what's happened to the words MOVE ON?
let me remind u what u've told me before.
"once u broke up n comes into a new relationship again...that means u already MOVE ON!"
but then, why u still being a cry baby over ur EX new relationship?
hey gurlsssssssssss...clear up ur mind please~

dun ever b like diz.
it's hard...but u must try harder.
u r stepping forwards my dear..not towards the past.
past is a history. Left u with lessons to guide u to start a new journey.
looked up for the lessons sometimes? yes u should.
but only to remind u bout the bad things happened before.
dun ever pick up any sweet sour memories of u n him.
it's really a silly mistake..!!!

again...let's move on.
letting go that person is a must.
spare ur heart to the one that appreciates u.
not to the one that left u before.

# healing takes time. everybody knows it.
may ALLAH helps u through this phase. :)

Friday, May 31

Si merah.

siapa lah yg ambil kau?
aku harap beliau hidup sejahtera la sekarang ni.

kecewa si merah ni hilang bukan sebab harga.
bukan sebab jauhnya aku merantau.
tapi sebab memories nak dapatkan si merah ni.
terima kasih la sebab sempat berjasa.  :)

kecewa macam mana pun.
kena ingatkan semua perancangan ALLAH.
mesti ada hikmah...mungkin nanti dapat yg lagi baik.
hilang harta dunia pun dah buat kita gelabah. Astaghfirullah.

someone told me amalkan bacaan ni bila barang hilang.
kena ikhlaskan hati & niat nak dapatkan semula barang kita tu.
insyaALLAH DIA bantu kita.

--> baca surah Al-Hasyr : ayat 18-habis.
or else..
--> baca selawat tafrijiyyah.

baca 4 kali/ 44 kali/ 100 kali.
till then. gud bye.  :)

Sunday, May 26



We try chasing down ways to further our dream, 
but then we trip over people on the narrow path that winds.

It's nothing like wanting to go back to those days. 
I'm searching for a sky that doesn't exist anymore. 
Don't give me that sad face like I've become the victim, 
like you understand.

Tears aren't the end of sin. You carry it heavy on your back forever. 
Who is it you're waiting for in this maze of emotion you can't find your way out of? 
I want to let it all spill already like I was writing in a blank notebook. 
What're you're trying to get away from, this thing we call reality?

* We live for each other, or have you forgotten in the middle of the night? 
Because we can't play it safe or sound anymore, and we don't have a place to go home to. 
What, you don't got enough life left to wipe these feelings out? 
Just like old times. this is the kind of pain I love.

It'd be a shame if I didn't apologize, wouldn't it? Ah, so sorry. 
Going out of your way not to say it so I don't worry about you.

All we took with us that day, all we'll carry with us tomorrow. 
Because we're never gonna get our turn. 
Softly closing your eyes like you understand 
just so you don't have to see what you don't want to.

Out of all the rumors we don't need, which ones are new today? 
Friends standing face to face don't tell lies. 
They burn in your body like a heart red with irritation. 
Does it really give you hope, this thing we call reality?

repeat *

I've been thinking on what we do to open the next door. 
We can't retrace our steps anymore. The story's already begun. 
Open your eyes. Open your eyes.

What, you don't got enough life left to wipe these feelings out? 
To try to make right the things you left undone. 
Let's go one more time.

repeat *

Friday, May 17

her "speech to the world"

"World, open your eyes. Look beyond yourselves and find the Truth. 
I have found it but am too weak to own it. Never be weak. 
But if you are strong, do not be proud. 
Look beyond the surface of things, deep in to their meaning. 
For the secrets of life are found beneath every hardship and every smile. 
Do not cry for what has passed you by. Learn not to yearn for what can never by yours. Understand that even prayer is not magic. 
A man's body may bow without his soul. 
Do not be so arrogant as to believe that God will knock on your door, for He has no need for you or I. You must strive toward God, who will then, and only then, come towards you. 
You must strive and struggle for all that you want. Know that this life was not meant to be easy, for then what would the next be called. 
Understand that happiness is like a tree. God gave you the seeds, the sun, and the rain, but only you can make it grow.
Do not wait your whole life for a dream. Make the most of every moment of every single day, for truly it may be your last. 
Finally, know that the life of this world is but play and amusement. So fear a day when no father shall prevail for his son, and no son for his father. 
Fear a day when all will remember, 
'but how will that remembrance profit them then (89:23).'"

by: Yasmin Mogahed

Thursday, May 16


date: 9-11 may 2013

this time...softball open berlangsung dgn jayanya..
thanks to committee yg berjaya jd multitask person..
kalian lah AJK...kalian jugak lah softballerzz..  
congrats superWOMAN & superMAN...! ^_^

UPSI & SUKMA Kelantan
abg pitcher UPM hensem laa~haha
pusing2 pun player sama jugak.  :)

 1st -----> UUM
2nd -----> UPSI
3rd -----> KUALA KRAI

1st ----> UiTM
2nd ----> UPSI
3rd ----> USM

kali ni UiTM x bwk team boboy..  ^_^
musykil betul kenapa pic IPG mcm x ada je.
team lelaki...
semua gila n gila2..  :)
thanks iman, aidi, naim, nik for coming..
people says:
ur TEAM is ur FAMILY..
n yep..they r my family..  ^_^
team gegurlz..
thanks k.mira for coming n of course
a big thanks for the keropok lekor~  :D
corat coret game~
sliding effect time musim panas..
harus makan debu la jawab nya..  =D
xde brake~  :0
bila bola nak tuju badan.
bila la USM nak ada full equipment mcm ni?
thanks for the memories softballerz..
even this time just jadi manager yg asyik menyemak dgn korang semua..
still i learned things from all of u..
glad to be softballerz.  =)

ur day cikgu...!

thanks a lot for being really good, helpful, supportive, caring, lovely, n most understanding teachers for us.

kalian adalah guru2 yg sanggup melayan~
 kenakalan tahap melampau batch kami kecik2 dulu...
kemalasan berganda kami nak study bila rasa diri dah besar..
kedegilan kami follow rules sekolah n asrama..
keseronokan kami melayan jiwa remaja..
kegembiraan kami bila berjaya dpt apa yg di cita.
untuk semua tu...

may ALLAH bless all of u wherever u r..  :) 

my dear felo2 Aspuri.
dalam garang ada sayang..  =)
my lovely teachers..
c.intan, teacher jamie, ustzh salamiah, mama rogayah, 
c.normah, c.ina, c.hazita, ustzh noreha, c.azizah, c.asmira
cikgu intan with cikgu norani

notakaki: dedicated to cikgu clifford.
              sorry cikgu intan saya curi gambar2 ni..  :)

selamat hari2 cikgu iman!  :D