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away from 1 sided affair..!

some info taken from wikiHow :-

Have a crush on someone? someone whom you thought liked you back when in fact he couldn't care less? chillex dear...the world isn't going to end just because he doesn't feel the same way like you do.

1. Be strong and think

So what if he doesn't like me? He is not the only guy in the world. Remember this, he is not one in a million, but rather just one out of a million. 

2. Ask yourself a few questions that can strengthen your resolve to forget him:

  • Why should I waste my time on someone who doesn't care and isn't willing to spend his time on me?
  • Why should I waste my emotions on someone who doesn't reciprocate?
  • Why should I put myself through such arduous torture of missing him, thinking about him, caring about him, loving him and gain nothing of that sort in return?
3. If you have resolved to forget about him and move on, stick with it. 
Do not hesitate and try to think of different excuses for you not to move on.

4. If you are in the situation where you think he might have liked you, and then you realized he really wasn't interested, it's OK
Just move on and please do not harp on any past 'experiences' that has made you think that he likes you. Do not give yourself the opportunity to think that you might still have a chance. If there is really something between the two of you, don't you think something might have already happened? Why wait till the time when you finally realized that it isn't mutual?

5. Do something that can take your mind off him, or this one sided relationship
Even if it's just that little while. Do not lie in bed, cuddling underneath your blankets and listen to depressing songs. Nope, that isn't going to help but make you feel worse because all you're going to think about is him, him and still him! Go for a jog, walk your dogs, clean your room, cook something, bake, anything!

6. Think of his negative side
Think of that side of him that isn't favourable. Yes, you might say that you love him so much that you love his negative sides altogether. Girl, that isn't going to help. What you are trying to do now is to forget about him and to diminish all those romantic feelings you have for him.
  • Delete his number and old texts messages.
  • Cry if you need to, scream into a pillow, write an angry letter then burn it. Let it out.
  • Share your feeling with your friends or anyone you trust.
  • Do not try to text him back.
  • Spend more time with your friends or family. The more you spend with them the easier it is to fill all the sadness in your heart and replace it with happiness.
  • Always be doing something, keep yourself busy, because even the slightest of spare time can have your mind running back to him.
  • Think about the fact that you will find that one special guy later on in life. Sometimes, women/girls think that because their temporary crush doesn't want them, they will be forever alone. Move on! Start looking for guys that are the opposite of your crush and talk to them.
  • Remember that he may like other people and your just wasting your time caring about him. But there's Always someone who likes you and you just don't notice them.
  • Everyone has faults, so find his and dwell on them. It will make you realize that he's not as good as you thought he was.
  • Don't spend more time around him than you have to, this will make it easier.
  • Stay positive because your never alone when you have great friends to support you :).
  • Don't block him on Facebook or Twitter. He will be able to see how happy you are and that you are strong enough to get through the pain he caused you.
  • Realize that anyone around you could be just as amazing as you thought he was! Keep an open mind and meet new people!
  • Every time you see him focus on something you don't like about him.
  • Eat some ice cream and talk to your best friend about all your problems but ask if they mind first!!
  • Ignore him. Forgive and forget.
  • Please do not harm yourself in any way just because you've fallen out of 'love'. One-sided sided love isn't love.
#should be a good guidelines if u happens to encounter this problem.  :)


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