Saturday, June 1

stepping forwards.

Dear girlfriend~

what's happened to the words MOVE ON?
let me remind u what u've told me before.
"once u broke up n comes into a new relationship again...that means u already MOVE ON!"
but then, why u still being a cry baby over ur EX new relationship?
hey gurlsssssssssss...clear up ur mind please~

dun ever b like diz.
it's hard...but u must try harder.
u r stepping forwards my dear..not towards the past.
past is a history. Left u with lessons to guide u to start a new journey.
looked up for the lessons sometimes? yes u should.
but only to remind u bout the bad things happened before.
dun ever pick up any sweet sour memories of u n him.
it's really a silly mistake..!!!

again...let's move on.
letting go that person is a must.
spare ur heart to the one that appreciates u.
not to the one that left u before.

# healing takes time. everybody knows it.
may ALLAH helps u through this phase. :)

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