Wednesday, June 5

memories to be.

-:: things happen today is just a memory for tomorrow ::-

people says~
hmmm...definitely agreed...!

done some stupid things doesn't make u a stupid person..
it's just a compilation of sanity in life.. :)
no matter what happened..
this "stupid" u gonna be the best thing to be laugh someday.

dear friends..
let's use these remaining days we have here to do a lots of stupid thing.
im gonna cherish the moments we r together for forever.
then, when we get old..
let's meet up someday...somewhere...
together with our BIG family..
there, we gonna having an endless chitchat  bout our old days.
but, be sure everybody still tak nyanyuk...!haha

# special or not, just do something memorable and be happy. 
It is in our hand to make it special or just another plain day. #

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