Friday, May 17

her "speech to the world"

"World, open your eyes. Look beyond yourselves and find the Truth. 
I have found it but am too weak to own it. Never be weak. 
But if you are strong, do not be proud. 
Look beyond the surface of things, deep in to their meaning. 
For the secrets of life are found beneath every hardship and every smile. 
Do not cry for what has passed you by. Learn not to yearn for what can never by yours. Understand that even prayer is not magic. 
A man's body may bow without his soul. 
Do not be so arrogant as to believe that God will knock on your door, for He has no need for you or I. You must strive toward God, who will then, and only then, come towards you. 
You must strive and struggle for all that you want. Know that this life was not meant to be easy, for then what would the next be called. 
Understand that happiness is like a tree. God gave you the seeds, the sun, and the rain, but only you can make it grow.
Do not wait your whole life for a dream. Make the most of every moment of every single day, for truly it may be your last. 
Finally, know that the life of this world is but play and amusement. So fear a day when no father shall prevail for his son, and no son for his father. 
Fear a day when all will remember, 
'but how will that remembrance profit them then (89:23).'"

by: Yasmin Mogahed

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