Saturday, May 4

Forensic Night.

event : Forensic annual dinner 2013.
theme : garden with pastel colour.
venue : Grand Riverview Hotel.

forensic annual dinner never being a pre-graduation ceremony for the final year student like other courses.
its named Installation Night rather than graduation night.
n a bit thanks to juniors for the modified title.  :)

for me it's a night where..
the 4th year students celebrating their final year as a forensic student..
the 3rd year students officially welcome to so-called practical life...later they will be install into PDRM system for 1 semester.
the 2nd year students being warned to prepare themselves for real tough and interesting forensic studies.
and of course all of us welcoming our new family members --> the 1st year students.

we r 4th year students..
super duper senior~  =)

attending the dinner just to collect memories with coursemates.
and for sure datang untuk makan..! =)
final installation night for final year students.

dinner is where everyone 'gila  bergambar'.. ^_^
whatever happened..thanks.


tikahmodjaika said...

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zAhIdA ALi said...

kau nak like tang mana tu weh?haha...share x buat link la pulak.. =D