Tuesday, May 7

allergy FREAK.....!!

im such an allergy FREAK..!!


doc: allergic to any thing miss?
me : definitely many things doc...bla bla bla bla bla bla bla~...................almost to non-stop session..
ishhh....sorry doc..! i'm just trying to explain bout my condition..  o_____0
doc : r u develops multiple allergic reaction?
me : ???..........hmmm....clueless~
for easy understanding bout allergy....please click wiki or here oke..?  :)

first, im allergic to seafood..wait..!! i can eat fish. then..maybe just allergic to shellfish..still unsure because i can bare with oyster..cockle~ errrr...so? oke2....im just allergic to prawns...crabs...lobsters..cuttlefishes...and etc.  =)

how to make it better? my friends also got the same problems with me.
 fortunately, they r not so-called "old fashion" allergy type! still can take seafoods without worry..
n of course not really takes a bunch.!

1st tip:  im aware of it...but then, how can i ask for something like in the 2nd tip?
then, food ingredient..not really mind in this..
4th: how to put it...i cant even smell the food with seafood..shortly will start feel itch. is that because of the protein released or just my mind trick?
5th tip: errrr...is it true? spare me please~
sometimes...friends does not really understand it...sedihhhh~
x nak makan...x boleh makan....n x mampu makan tu beza oke..!

then, to make it worse..those things can trigger asthma attack..!!
how can it related? most of the allergy reaction can lead to difficulty in breathing..
and im officially is the person with asthmatic problem..


"Jewelry enhances the beauty and makes the wearer more charming. Unfortunately, few people have to bear pain of becoming beautiful as they suffer from the allergy."

what with this lines?
ohh..hello world...i'm also allergy to JEWELLARY..!! 
anybody want to propose me? please be prepared with "jongkong emas" instead of huge bling2 "cincin emas"..! i do love GOLD oke?hahaa...even i can only wear it not longer than a day..!
how do peoples become allergy to jewell? got skin allergy? 
im not into that type..really..! should i blame the jewell? 
blaming urself defense mechanism might hurt u..but..that's the fact..!

more info? click here

#mybe should get some med checkup/ blood test later

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