Monday, December 31

not yet the "last minute"..!

end of the year means end of my study week too..
really? just got 1 day left but till now i do nothing...!!
planned to study weeks before...but end up do the same as last time..
study for the last crucial minutes~
luckily this time we just got 3 papers to fight for..
but still...last minutes study isn't the generous thing to do if u got "slow motion" brain with low capacity like me~ -____-

even not much time left..
i like to re-make my notes..make it even simpler than before..
review all those notes over and over so that i've better understanding bout the topics..
is this makes me an excellent student? well..told u before right? my internal memory is LOW...!
i cant memorize every single thing...sOoo frustrated~  ;(
external memory? unfortunately cant bring it to the exam hall..
errr...wait a minute..! i think i'm NORMAL...!!
only a ROBOT capable to memorize i right?
prays everyday hoping it is just not me having this memories problem..  =D
my desk would be like this.
true indeed..  :)

eh eh...i'm posting a new entry?
see? wasting every minutes i have again and again..  XD
let's study...!!

p/s: all the best dear friends...!!

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