Wednesday, December 19


just a normal day for others..
but such a great day for me..
22 years b4..i was born on this date..
im grateful for having chance to live till now..
thanx to ALLAH for giving me such a precious life.. :)

birthday is not about a party..
never dream to have 1..
it's juz the thought that matter.
it's about moments to be cherished..
a life u should grateful of..
and surely a life that u should never waste..

birthday break1st from dear roomy..
yummy fillet o fish...!
maybe tulisan tu kamu nk tulis guna sos ari tu?heee  ;)
gigih google resepi demi seperiuk nasi tomato~  =D
main masak2 wif my dear roomy.
ayam masak merah~
kalau xde roomate tolong goreng..kompem fail..~
mangga epal from jiran sebelah`
sweet sour...sedap..!
to be continued~   =)

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