Sunday, July 1

-:: mOmEntO 3rd yEar ::-

it's been a week since i left my 3rd yr's life..
away frOm the campus life..but surely not the memories gained..
all being part of my treasures which cant be replaced by any means..
it's time tO cherish the moments~

pass through this year..
it happened to be the most "EMO" phase..
A life filled with laugh and tears, love and hatred, the good and bad, friendship and enemy..
but, this phase do teach us the precious things about LIFE~
all these bad and goOd things have made us even grown stronger.

the hardships make us wiser..
it's time when we realized the reality of life.
ups and down the life is..
it's depending on you how to shape it..

a smile for every bad days..
and the world will smile back to you........some other day~   (^__^)
nothing gonna be easy on this long way of destiny..
challenges are everywhere..
be patient and just through it wisely~

our bBQ' party!!
pArty as a reward after having a hectic exam's week!!
we r all in this together~
AWESOME in our own way...
-Fsx Crew 09/13-
knowing each others is definitely a bless~


tikahmodjaika said...

hohohoo..gmbar kami 3 kembar pun ada gak....segannye saya....wah gmbr kfc..nak2x...

budAk kEcik said...

pix kembar yg mane weyh??
hmm..ade bape kpg jek pon..
xpe2...compile skali je 1 ari t.. ^^

tikahmodjaika said...

gmbr kembar(tikah,yana,ikin) n kembar baru david n zima..huhuhuu..ok