Friday, March 29

let's do volunteer work..! ^_^

GO GREEN CAMPAIGN- Pantai Irama, Bachok.

once in a least..!
u should lower ur ego and help others.
definitely it costs u no harm...

abg kuda padi~  ^_^
the principle of life~
in collaboration with USM, UMK, MASTERSKILLS~ 
it's just from a little effort of us~
tinggalkan jejak.
cleaning a beach isn't an easy work..
u need to collect all those kind of rubbish..trash...
just imagine....most of the rubbish found were DIAPERS...!!!
ohh my...please peoples...
don't just throw it away.
be kind to the earth before something goes wrong..!

notakaki : ohh ye...program cuci mata pun perlu jugak~  =D

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