Thursday, March 21

3 days.

i just have 3 days in my life.
.....yesterday which already in the past. which i need to face all alone.
.....tomorrow which i need to pray for it.

i learned how to appreciate my life.
hardly tried to comfort my heart which currently not in sync with my mind.
i learned to love others even im not been loved.
i learned to concern bout others even nobody cares bout me.
giving without a thought what will u get at the end is the best way.

i need to face my day.
but im sure im not left alone..
ALLAH is always with me.
He knows the best for destiny.

everyday i ask ALLAH for another tomorrow..
always hoping for a better tomorrow..
please give me times to please my family..
it's all i asked for.
may ALLAH grant my prays~

whatever im face thankful enough for being alive till now.
a new day is just for a new good deed..
i cant guess when my days will last.
i cant ask ALLAH to end my day.
it's all His will.

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