Thursday, January 24

im AddIctEd..! =D

im addicted to this forensic thriller..the plot is well-written..
cant stop read it as i started the first it has the tiny invisible string that pulls me deep into the scene..
the suspense continue till the last page..~   

the loss of her very own daughter makes her as a serial killer' hunter for years..the hunting will continue till she find her precious girl and the one whom kidnapped and killed her daughter..this time, the death of 1 serial killer leads to another killer-a twisted mind killer so-called vampire..!!
he's taking the live of innocents to put him at the nirvana stage..a secret cult group is in responsible in setting this crazy thought.
the unborn yet vampire search for the best quality of blood to be his greatest prize..over power obsession to woman blood leads him to Eve..a woman which had gone through a grieve and sorrow life..a woman with such a strong soul..and this values has put her as the best prize for the killer..
the hunting of the vampire is much more interesting by the existence of the ghostly appearing of the victims..helped much in tracking the killer..ever thought ghost has talent in 'touchy-feely'?  =D

how to get all this series?

more info but the author ------> click iris johansen

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