Monday, August 13


misi MALAYSIA ke Olympic London...misi memburu emas..!!
dgn keyakinan yg tinggi....malaysia mengharapkan emas pertama sejak sekian lama..
atlet2 di beri tanggungjawab bawak balik emas..!!
then, Malaysia akan bagi jongkong emas..!!...impressive punye habuan~
siapa yg berjaya?

harapan utama...BADMINTON....!!
confirm semua harapan kita letak pada Dato' LCW...
for every game...every year...not juz in diz Olympic..
but...till when?
he fought till de was great match..we can see it..
but again..finally...Lin Dan got de Gold medal..!
even LCW failed his mission...he still our HERO...!
united all de Malaysian thru badminton..whoever they r...~
wif de winners~
4 sure ada yg menangis tgok LCW time nie...  ;(

our double shuttlers..Koo kien keat & Tan boon heong only got de 4th place..'s sumwhat better than least...they go for semi final..
it might b frustrated they didn't managed to grab de medal..!'s fated..! if they done better than it..maybe..
still,,,thanx 4 de effort..   ^_^

another athlete, Yeoh ken nee...
managed to compete in final round for 3m springboard..
didn't 've de chance 2 get de medal..

then.. Azizulhasni Awang..the pocketrocketman~
de bez 6 cyclist in de world..

finally...pandelela rinong pamg..
she got de bronze after completed the 10m platform diving..
malaysian clbrated her as de 1st woman's medalist 4 our country...
ups n downs in olympic..
de athletes shud gave their bez aldy..
but, till when de govern needed 2 spend a lot of budget 4 de sport' team..
it's such a waste...unless they shows some improvement n really "mengharumkan" Malaysia..

p/s: Olympic happened 2 gather mostly gud-looking athletes..!haha..

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