Thursday, January 5

who u r??....i am ME..

i'm truly sorry that you cannot accept me for who I am.. 
But I will tell you one thing..
I am me..
and I WILL NOT apologize..!!
for that. 

I am me..whether you like it or not. 

I am not here for you to control..

I am not here for you to judge. 
And if that is all you want then leave me alone cause it isn't 
going to happen. 

I have been in the position way too many times of being in others 
control and changing for others because they didn't like me.
Well not anymore.. 

I am me nothing more, nothing less. 
I am me whether you like me or not.
I am me take it or leave it. 

It is your choice, 

but when you decide to try and change me and control me that is
when it becomes MY choice to stay away from negativity. 

I am me.. 

And I am sorry if you cannot accept that..


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